First Baptist Church Llano
Youth Leaders - Here are the notes from Tuesday. Please let me know if I missed anything.
  1. Cluster/Split if your group is more than 10.
  2. Be sure to be in a good circle with everyone on eye level.
  3. Balance your interaction between you and your teammate. 
  4. Balance interaction with youth.  Your job is to bring out what they learned, not reteach.  
  5. Brandi is going to 9/10.  Renee is going to JH girls.  Dusty to JH Boys for the foreseeable future.
  6. Additional, Hailey will float where needed.  After a situation last night, I will visit with JH leaders about their groups this coming week
  7. JH Girls will go to old 9/10 Grade room.  9/10 grade will stay in youth room.
  8. Connect with your group outside of youth group at least once a week.
  9. Take role for your sake.  You will know who is missing in patterns and keep up with them
  10. Take note of kids that have been missing for a while and reach out to them.
  11. I will do better on getting the outline to you to prep yourself with.
  12. Remember we are all in the same boat, shipmates.  We are working together for one big purpose.  Make lifelong learners of these students.
  1. Potty breaks have decreased.
  2. Certain students have had amazing breakthroughs here lately.
  3. You all are flexible and easy to work with.
  4. Despite all that Satan has thrown us, we keep moving and pushing forward.  
  5. I am proud of you all.

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