First Baptist Church Llano
Hey All,

A couple of quick reminders.

1. Barracks are on vacation Mon-Sat.
         A. We are doing a movie this week in youth.  I will work with Ricky on the Sound/Video etc.
         B  . There is ice cream in the Brotherhood Freezer to share with the youth during the movie.

2.  We will all meet at Adults Aug 8 for training/planning, etc.  It is critical that everyone is there.  If you got this message, I need you there.

3.  I still need commitments re:  I have reserved 6 spots so far.  We will take the church van and be back by 6.

4. Please be praying on how God will use you based on the details that are shared on Aug 8th.  I believe we are at an important juncture in our church/youth group.  How we let God use us in the next few months is essential to our future.

5. Lastly, we have been invited back to serve supper for Fuel on Aug 5th.  I will be back in town.  How about spaghetti?  Let me know your thoughts?  Serving 60.

Bottom line - I love you all and believe that this could be a special year.

Please let me know if you will be there for this coming Wednesday.

Please plan to be there on the 8th.


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