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Daniel and the Details
God’s Word demands a response – Turn to Daniel Chapter 1
I want you to take notes, because you will learn something from the situation that Daniel is in.
Where is Daniel?
Daniel 1:1-7
Conquered by Babylonians – They would conquer and assimilate you into their culture.
Daniel was about to be converted into their religious belief system along with his friends
His temple had been destroyed by this enemy and had raided the treasury.
Daniels name had been changed to honor the highest of Babylonian Idols
risking him violating Commandments 1 and 2.
Daniel 1:8-9
Why was his diet an issue for Daniel?  The meats were likely those sacrificed to foreign gods.
Navajo mentality of welfare state.  Take all that you give, because you will give it.
Sweet tea with salt, paprika, cream etc completely changes it from sweet tea
If he gave into diet, what else would he give into?
Romans 12:1-2
What was God’s Response?
Daniel 1:10-16
Godly protest
How did he respond in protest?  With Godly Character.
Daniel 1:17-20
Daniel and The Lions Den
Daniel 6:3-5
V. 6-9
V. 10-13
V. 16-23
V. 25-28

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